About Vmware Training

Virtualization has become ubiquitous in data centers. More and more organizations are moving towards virtualization because of the enormous cost savings as well as the scalability that it offers. This course will cover all the aspects required to design, configure and manage a Virtual Data Center environment using VMware vSphere Virtualization Technology. The course will provide hands-on Virtual Data Center Infrastructure administration, as no Data Center/Cloud is complete without virtualization today. The training will be given by Senior System/Network Engineers with several years of field experience in Virtualization.

Highlights of Vmware Training

Course Duration

1 month

8 Weekends



Delivery Mode

Class Room Training

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Project Managers 80%
Students 70%
Developers 40%
Financial Analyst 50%
Data Analyst 70%
Data Miners 40%
Specialist 80%


Table of Contents

S.No Chapter Hours
1 Introduction to VMware 1 hours
2 Virtualization Overview 1 hours
3 Planning, Installation & Initial Configuration 3 hours
4 vCenter 2 hours
5 Networking 2 hours
6 Virtual Machines 2 hours
7 A vSphere web client 2 hours
8 Performance 3 hours
9 vMotion 1 hours
10 Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), HA Clusters 3 hours
11 Automation in vSphere 2 hours
12 LAB 10 hours
13 Test 3 hours
Total 35 hours


About the course
Meet your Instructor
Datacenter terminologies & Introduction to Server Hardware
Virtualization Overview
Vendors & a quick comparison
VMware vSphere suite
VMware ecosystem
2.Planning, Installation & Initial Configuration
Planning VMWare ESXi installation
Lab setup
Your first ESXi installation
Login & initial configuration - vSphere Client, web client
ESXi shell
Overview of ESXi architecture
vCenter Install & related components
Adding Host To vCenter
vCenter Server Settings
Roles And Permissions
Configuring Alarms
Scheduled Tasks
Events And Logs
Common vCenter operations
Types of vSwitches& Port Groups
Useful network settings in vSphere
Types of storage
VMFS, NFS datatores
iSCSI configuration using OpenFiler
Useful storage settings in vSphere
6.Virtual Machines
Creating Virtual Machines: Windows 2008 R2 X64
Installing VMware Tools
Virtual Machine Settings
Virtual Machine Snapshots
Virtual Machine Settings For Performance
Optimizing Performance With Paravirtual Devices
Deploying Virtual Machines From Templates, vApp or OVF
7.vSphere web client
UI walkthrough
Performance Graphs
Resource Reservations And Limits
Resource Pools
Writing Data to a File
Storage vMotion
10.Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), HA Clusters
Creating A DRS Cluster
Configure DRS Cluster
DRS Recommendations
Configuring HA
HA Failover
11.Automation in vSphere
Introduction to PowerCLI
Commonly used cmdlets
Create a workflow script for common VMware Administration tasks
12.Course recap, Q&A, Best practices, general tips etc.