NO ENGLISH - NO SUCCESS It is no exaggeration when you we say no English – no success as it evident from the recent survey in the USA Which places education at number 6, knowledge at number 4 and no prize for guessing that communication is placed at number one parameter for good jobs. Many people join an organisation, but the people with superlative communication skills will climb the corporate ladder faster than the others. How Far, Fast and how high a managerial bird will fly depends on two wings, one wing is undoubtedly command over English language both spoken as well as writer.


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Students, House wives
Doctors, Engineer, Scientists
Bankers, Professionals
Teachers, Professors,
Every body.


The Self concept and Self Image

  • What is attitude? The process of attitude formation. You are the chief architecture of your self .Self management techniques.

Believe in your self

  • Self image and self esteem ,Building self confidence ,Environment we mix with, how to build self image ? ,Meaning and definition of personality. Self image and self esteem ,Building self confidence ,Environment we mix with, how to build self image ? ,Meaning and definition of personality
Personal planning and success attitude
  • Prioritizing, creating the master plan , active positive visualization and positive attitude, How to build a success attitude, Spot analysis.
Self motivation & communication
  • Levels of motivation, power of irresistible enthusiasm,etiquettes and manners in a group, public speaking, oral and written communication, Body language, Importance of listening and responding, Tips for technical writing.
Leadership as a process
co-ordination while working in a team, Leadership styles, Leader & Team player, Management of conflict, Profiles of great and successful personalities, Role of career planning in personality development, How to face personal interviews and group discussions.
  • Attitudes
  • Types of Attitudes, Formation – importance of positive attitudes – steps in developing positive attitudes
  • Goal Setting and Time Management
  • Goals – importance of goal setting periodicity in goal setting – short, medium, long term-methods to achieve set goals – Activity in goal setting techniques of Time management – prioritization of activities – awareness of time wasters and how to avoid them.
  • Creativity
  • The Creative mind-importance of creativity-Elements of Creativity – Influence of Flexibility – Factors influencing creativity – Methods of enhancing creativity –techniques of creativity – Brainstorming – attributes listing etc. General ideas in creative problem solving – creativity exercises and games.
  • Stress Management
  • Definition – General Principles of Stress Management – linkage between stress and time management – identification of the sources of stress – measure to manage stress.
  • Communication Skills
  • Definition – Significance – disasters of non-communication – communication Gap – process of communication – forms of communication – listening skills – active and attentive listening – benefit of listening – Body Language – Right Posture – its importance – effects of right body language.
Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence – concepts and definitions – Elements of EI-Organizational Application audience – Exercises and analysis – conflict Management.
Interpersonal Relationships
  • Significance of interpersonal relationships in personal life – Tips to enhance interpersonal relationships / cross culture, ethnic groups, Team Building, Group dynamics.