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This course has been designed for Professionals, Students and Hobbyist as we cover the entire gamut of the tools for image processing 2D Modelling, 3D Modelling and Animation. This Course is useful as we start with the very basics of the Graphics Designing concepts and move on to advanced concepts so that the students is job ready by the time the course is over. We cover Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photshop.

Adobe Illustrator Course highlights

Course Duration

1 Months



Delivery Mode

Classroom Training

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Students of Fashion Designing
Student of Interior designing
Animation Enthusiast
Desktop Publishers
Web Authoring Professional
Internet content designers


PHASE - I : Online courses in Graphics using Illustrator

Main Tools:
  • Introduction
  • Interface
  • Ruler,Guides,Grids,Workspace
  • Toolbox
  • Pen Tool
  • Pencil Tool
  • Basic Shapes
  • Editing shapes – Part 1
  • Editing shapes – Part 2
  • Demo 1
  • Demo 2

PHASE - II: E-Learning for Illustrator, Online, Graphics

Main Tools:
  • Paint brush tool Paint brush tool
  • Grouping
  • Demo 3
PHASE - III: Lessons, Tips for Adobe Indesign Online Tutorials
Main Tools:
  • Transform
  • Order
  • Layers
  • Demo 4

PHASE IV: Study Online Illustrator Cs3, Logo's, Brochures, Visiting Cards
Main Tools :
  • Wrap Tool
  • Twirl tool
  • Pucker tool
  • Bloat tool
  • Scallop tool
  • Crystallize tool
  • Wrinkle tool
PHASE V: Online Study for Illustrator CS3
Main Tools:
  • Symbol Sprayer Tool
  • Symbol Shifter Tool
  • Symbol Scruncher Tool
  • Symbol Sizer Tool
  • Symbol Styler Tool
  • Symbol Spinner Tool
  • Symbol Stainer
  • Symbol Screener Tool
PHASE VI: Adobe Illustrator study online, CBT training.
Graph tool:
  • Column graph tool
  • Stacked column graph tool
  • Bar graph tool
  • Stacked graph tool
  • Line graph tool
  • Area graph tool
  • Scattered graph tool

Text :
  • Text options
  • Area type text
  • Text on path
  • Text wrap
PHASE VIII: Online lessons, tutorials for Illustrator
Object Menu:
  • Path Blend,Envelope Distort
  • Live paint,Live trace,Crop
  • Clipping Mask
PHASE IX: Online tutorials for Illustrator
Main tool:
  • Mesh
  • Gradient

PHASE X: Lessons, effects, training in Adobe Illustrator
Filters :
  • Illustrator CS3 filters
  • Create
  • Distort
  • Stylize
  • Photoshop filters
  • Illustrator CS3 effects
    • a) Convert to shape
    • b) Distort,transform
    • c) Photoshop effects
    • d) Effects Gallery
  • Extrude
  • 3D Effects
PHASE XII: Adobe Illustrator, Vector Software.
  • Saving
  • Conversion of Raster to Vector
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